mixed media: oil, guauche & Sumi ink on walnut
70 x 24 x 1.5 in.

The Journal series began 2001, as a building block to re-entering fine art from a 12 year hiatus as a small business owner. I needed to “relearn” stuff and get the juices flowing, so I went back to my old journals from school and began doodling. I slowly began to rebuild my portfolio expanding on allegorical figures, personal mythology within embolden colorful, compositions.

This series of work is created with a storytelling base filled with imagery to delight and give a feeling of optimism, while acknowledging many human emotional responses within life’s pathways. The generality of this approach allows for over reaching thoughts and specific details to live in the same moment.

Re-ocurring Themes include:
Adaptability of Nature
Perpetuation of Life