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Public Art Collection / fine art restoration, 2021
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s(and) exhibition, 2015, Exhibit/208
ABQ arts, 2015
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Pasatiempo Santa Fe New Mexican, 2010
Albuquerque Tribune Arts Section, September, 2007

- Excerpt from the review:
'Coleman Gallery Shows Off Fresh Talent, New Digs'
by Nancy Salem
Friday, May 11, 2007

'Coleman describes her approach to showing art as "what's happening now."
"I like emerging artists," she says. The front features the current show, and Coleman's first at the new location, is a winner.
It's anchored by the wonderful Shawn Turung, an Albuquerque multimedia artist and co-curator at the Inpost Art Space.
The Art Institute of Chicago grad has a sure hand with color and graphics. She once ran a design firm in Houston.
On hardboard, Turung lays down a background of black pigment. She then takes the spirit on a ride across the canvas on bold, looping red lines. A gritty, hands-on artist, she creates depth and movement, using wax to vary the intensity of the red as it fades in and out of the black.
With just two colors, Turung presents complex, fascinating images that spur thoughts of infinity.'
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Women and Creativity, featured artist, 2015